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Oct 21, 2014

5 Affordable Wedding Tips and Ideas

Weddings can be scary not only emotionally but also financially. The emotional stress of getting locked up to eternity with someone you once considered a stranger can be daunting. Add the finances associated with the celebration – you will definitely be overburdened. But weddings need not be a stressful situation. It can be made into a memorable and happy occasion both emotionally and financially if you just know some budget wedding ideas.

5 Budget Wedding Ideas

1.   Don’t get married on a weekend.

Couples usually get wed on a weekend. It’s because it is a convenient time both for the couple and the visitors. And because it is common to get married during the weekend, venues for the wedding would give you a higher price quote than usual. So better avoid this scenario by getting married on a weekday. Chances are the price of the venue would be discounted.

2.           Set priorities.

Know what matters the most to you on your wedding day. Is it the venue of your wedding? Or is it the food that will be served to your guests? Once you know your priorities, splurge on it and limit the other area on a budget. Your wedding will still be as perfect as you dreamt it would be even if you do a little sacrifice on some parts of the occasion.

3.           Take into consideration uncommon wedding venues.

When a place is popular, the rent would be expensive. On the other hand, when it is less common, you will be able to save more by paying less. For a wedding venue, take into consideration areas which are not popular to many. Rather than booking a fine restaurant for your reception, try an art gallery, a museum, a park or even a local basketball court. Such venues will make your wedding memorable to your guests.

4.   Get wed in a small town.

Save thousands of dollars by literally going an extra mile for your wedding. Rather than getting wed at a city, consider suburban areas. Often, the prices in such areas will be a a significant percentage lesser compared to venues in the city.

5.   Use one venue for both the ceremony and the reception.

You don’t need to follow tradition by booking two separate venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. Instead of booking two venues, be practical by booking only one venue. Your guest will be more than happy about this because they don’t have to transfer and drive to get to the reception.

Weddings can be very expensive. Your savings will more likely be not enough for your wedding. If you need financial assistance for your special day, take a look at Erin Auto Title Loans. These loans are easy to avail of as long as you can secure the loan with a fully paid vehicle registered under your name.