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Barrie Auto Pawn Loans – How To Finance A Wedding

Jan 11, 2014

One of the biggest milestones we all anticipate for is our wedding. But the drawback of getting married is that it is way too expensive. Even when you are planning on a simple wedding, you will be surprised at how expensive that would cost. Despite this fact, costly wedding expenses should not stop you from getting married. There are already several ways that can help you finance your wedding. Some of these are mentioned in this post.

  • Get an extra job. If you and your partner have decided to wed anytime soon yet your wedding budget is still not enough for all the anticipated finances you have to take, consider getting an extra job apart from the overtimes you do at work. Taking an extra job can be tiresome but this can save you from incurring very large debts just for the wedding.
  • Sell some of your stuff. After the wedding, you and your partner will receive dozens of gifts which include new appliances, house decorations and the like. This means that you can start selling your stuff before the wedding day for extra cash for the wedding as these would just end up as clutter. Anyway, you will receive new items as wedding gifts so don’t worry.
  • Ask your visitors to give cash instead of appliances. If before this move is too bold, it is not the case anymore today. Many of those planning on getting married indicate in their invitations their gift preferences and most often it is money. Even if the amount you’ll get as gifts is far from your expectation, it could be a great help to pay for some of your wedding expenses. So take the chance!
  • If your wedding day is coming too fast and you still have not come up with your wedding budget, consider Barrie auto pawn loans. The auto pawn loans are instant cash solutions which require you to place your car with clean title as collateral for the loan. These Barrie auto pawn loans are fast approved. In fact, you can have your loan money even on the same day of application once your loan application is granted. Furthermore, anyone can take out this loan whether you have a good credit, bad credit or no credit at all. This is because the lenders are at lesser risk since the loan is secured by your vehicle in case you default in your payment dues. Last but not the least, the amount you could borrow through Barrie auto pawn loans is extremely large. It is even enough to finance the whole wedding because the loan amount can reach up to $25,000 depending on the equity value of your car.