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Why Erin Auto Pawn Loans And Other Financial Alternatives Are Better Than Your Bank?

May 19, 2014

All of us were affected by the crisis about five to seven years ago. The effects of such recession are still affecting us until today. Many of us are still struggling getting by with our finances. This is the reason why nowadays several Canadians rely heavily on credit cards, banks and financial alternatives. It is the only possible way we can stay financially afloat.

Fortunately, whether you are looking for cash for school, home financing or capital to start a business today, there are several options available already. You need not rely only to banks for your cash advances. Auto pawn loans and other lending alternatives are now available and they offer better cash advance opportunities than banks. Here are few of the reasons why choosing Erin auto pawn loans and other alternative financial options are better than your bank.

1. Auto pawn loans and alternative lenders provide instant cash.

Securing loans from banks would take you several months before you have your cash on your hand. On the other hand, auto pawn loans and other financial alternatives have a streamlined loan application process. You can have your cash instantly. You may even have your loan money on the same day of application or in less than an hour. This makes them a great choice whenever you need funds for urgent expenses such as the following:

  • Medical Bills
  • Rental Payments
  • Utilities
  • Pet Hospitalizations
  • Home Repairs

2. With alternative financing like Erin auto pawn loans, you can secure a loan despite having poor credit scores.

Your credit score will dictate whether your traditional financing will be approved. If you have a bad credit rating, you will most likely be rejected of your bank loan application. Banks tend to be too focused on the credit scores of their borrowers. Credit scores, for banks, are the major deciding factor whether a borrower is an asset or a risk to their business. On the contrary, auto pawn loans company and other financial alternatives neglect credit scores. They tend to take a look at other parameters to determine a borrower’s repaying capacity. Simply stated, auto pawn loans company are more lenient than banks.  So regardless of your credit score, you can have a loan application approved.

As can be inferred from the reasons above, Erin auto pawn loans and alternative financing have now become the priority option of individuals who need cash access because of its greater benefits. If banks remain stringent in their requirements, they might find themselves losing customers in the long run.