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What You Need to Know about Car Title Loans Rock View County Alberta

Jun 05, 2015

Learn how to get through those financial emergencies and apply only for the best loan by getting a collateral vehicle title loan.

Everyone gets their share of difficult financial periods and sometimes this involves having sudden bills and not enough money for the month. It does help if you can run somewhere and get fast cash to get back on your feet. This is where collateral vehicle title loans come in. Car title loans are the best solution for any borrower experiencing a sudden unexpected financial problem or an unexpected dip in income due to other problems. No matter what the reason for the need for quick cash, collateral car title loans are there to help.

Check out the benefits when applying for a vehicle title loan

Naturally when applying for vehicle title loans check out everything especially the benefits that come with it. To qualify for this loan all you need is collateral. This is in the form of your fully owned car and its car title. The car isn’t left with the lender since the car can still be used while paying off the loan. The car title is the collateral left with the lender because the lender needs to put a lien on it for the duration of the loan term.

How fast is the cash?

When the loan is approved in one hour, you get the loan amount in that same hour. The other things you just need to show for loan approval is your valid driver’s license and proof of permanent residence. You can borrow as much as $35,000 because the loan amount is based in the car’s true market value.

What interest rates are charged?

No credit check title loans are actually 70 percent lower than the closest competitor and lower than unsecured bank loans and short term loans. This makes this loan the lowest in the lending industry in terms of interest rate. Payment terms can be adjusted starting at 2 years and up to 5 years.

Instant Loans Canada is a leading collateral title lending company. This locally-owned and managed company has been helping individuals with their finances offering collateral title loans for vehicles. They give borrowers a chance to get quick cash easily, with the lowest interest rates and loan payment terms from 2 years to 5 years. For more information about the company, its title loans and other services, call Instant Loans Canada toll free at 1-866-973-5214 and apply now or apply online.