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Wasaga Beach Auto Collateral Loans: How to Own A House Despite Your Poor Credit

Nov 23, 2013

Owing a house is one of most ultimate Canadian dreams. For those who can afford or have a good credit reputation, this is easy. They just have to spend their savings or apply for a house loan in order to own their dream house. But for many of the Canadians who have financial problems and are poor credit holders, owning a house seems to be a challenge. The main reason is because with a poor credit, getting a home loan is almost impossible. Most of the house lenders only lend cash to those they can trust. And they only trust people who have a good credit reputation.

But this does not mean that having a poor credit will turn all the odds against your favor with regard to being approved of a home loan. There are still so many ways you can try in order to have the house of your dreams. Consider some of the possible ways below:

  1. Show that you have the financial capacity. Not all lenders ignore borrowers with bad credit. Most of them try to assess every borrower’s situation. If a borrower can demonstrate that he or she has enough financial assets to secure a house loan in case of financial crisis, house lenders may offer a loan with a considerable rate. Owing to this, it is very important that you make the lenders see your financial capacity when applying for a home loan so that you can get a loan approval.
  2. Demonstrate good employment history. Home lenders often disregard bad credit statuses of borrowers who can show that they have a good employment record. This is because lenders will believe that you will have a steady income in future which will be enough to cover your house mortgage payments. This is an advantage that you can rely on even if you have a poor credit status.
  3. Seek out bad credit house loan companies. There are lending institutions today that specialize in bad credit house loans. They offer loans to people with bad credit. But these companies come with a downside. They often offer high interest rates to their bad credit borrowers just to make sure that they are not on the losing end of the transaction.
  4. Secure Wasaga Beach auto collateral loans. Nowadays, getting instant cash is easy as long as you have collateral for a loan. With Wasaga Beach auto collateral loans, you can borrow as much as $25,000 (depending on your vehicle’s equity) by using your car as security for the cash loan. During the loan repayment term, you will still be able to use your car as the lender will only ask you to submit your vehicle’s title and not the car itself.