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Vaughan Auto Collateral Loans – How To Improve Your Car’s Value

Jul 25, 2013

The deciding factor on whether you will be approved of an auto collateral loan is the value of your vehicle. The value of your vehicle determines how much loan will be approved to you. That being, it makes sense that you maintain your car in its ultimate condition just in case you will be able to make use of it in the future – for instance, you will need Vaughan auto collateral loans to get the tough going.

Below are what experts say will improve and maintain the condition as well as the valuation of your vehicle.

Get a car from a reputable manufacturer. When it comes to loan approval, most lenders take into consideration the reputation and the name of the vehicle. They take a look at the manufacturer of the vehicle before they approve auto collateral loans. This is because big car companies have the goodwill and strong reputation to be able to produce cars of great quality. That being, lenders are at a lesser risk of getting vehicle collaterals which are of poor quality.

Age of Your Car. Another factor lenders take a look at when it comes to approving Vaughan auto collateral loans is the age of the vehicle. The older your vehicle is the lesser that the value of your loan will be. But don’t be misled by this. Sometimes older cars price higher than newer cars. This depends on the maintenance of the car. For example, if you have an older car but have better interiors and machineries compared to a newer model, you more likely will be approved of an auto collateral loan.

Accessories and Upgrades. Air-conditioning, power steering, fresh tires, an upgraded stereo system and CD player, and refurbished interiors will increase your vehicle’s value and widen your chances of fast auto collateral loan approval. Lenders find this an advantage that they offer bigger loan limit for borrowers who own such cars. On the other hand, the same does not go for customized cars. Cars which are made from scrap don’t get too much attention from title lenders. Lenders find them very unappealing. While it is still possible that owners of customized cars can secure auto collateral loans, most of them will be approved a lesser amount of loan compared to those who own new cars improved with better accessories.

Clean Crash History. A single car crash will instantly affect the valuation of your vehicle. It is very important that you be vigilant enough in preventing such occurrence if you ever want to take advantage of Vaughan auto collateral loans to finance your emergency needs.

Based on the above-mentioned parameters, it goes to show that the servicing and maintaining your vehicle’s condition greatly influences the possibility of enjoying auto collateral loans’ benefits.