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Use Wasaga Beach Auto Pawn Loans To Fund Your Garage Makeover

May 01, 2014

Are you planning on renovating your home garage? If so, you must consider that the average cost of garage renovation is thousands of dollars. Coming up with funds to finance your garage renovation can be difficult unless you have enough savings. You may have considered bank loans but you must realize as early as now that bank loans are now very hard to secure. Banks are very stringent on their qualifications for loan approval. Only those with favorable credit scores can secure a bank loan. If you are among those unlucky ones whose credit scores have diminished because of the global economic crisis, you can hardly secure a bank loan. However, you have one auspicious option. You may seek out Wasaga Beach auto pawn loans.

Auto Pawn Loans in Wasaga Beach Can Fund Your Garage Renovation

Auto pawn loans can be your source of funds if you looking for a financial solution to your garage renovation expenses. Whether you are searching for funds to fully pay the construction of your garage or just seeking additional funds, Wasaga Beach auto pawn loans are your most feasible option. This is because regardless of your credit rating, you can secure a loan against your vehicle from car title loan companies such as Instant Loans Canada.

Some Benefits of Auto Pawn Loans

  • Auto pawn loans are easily obtainable. You can have your loan money in less than a day. This means that you can start your garage renovation at the soonest possible time because auto pawn loans in Wasaga Beach provide you with instant cash. This is something you cannot expect from bank loans.
  • Requirements for loan approval are very minimal. Unlike traditional financing solutions wherein you are required to show credit reports and other documents, auto pawn loans are approved to anyone with or without credit reports. This is because the loan is against the equity of the vehicle to be used as collateral. In worse situations when the borrower is not able to pay the loan, the lender has the right to run after the vehicle collateral. This is the reason why they are not strict with regard to the credit rating of their borrowers.
  • You can borrow small-to-large amounts. Depending on the loan company, you can borrow small-to-large amounts depending on your need. And you are not required to max out your loan. This makes auto pawn loans in Wasaga Beach a practical choice especially if what you need is just an additional fund to the amount you already have. In Instant Loans Canada, for example, you can loan as much as $35,000 depending on the vehicle’s value.
  • Auto pawn loans come with convenient repayment terms. Auto pawn loan companies know that everyone was affected by the economic mess a few years back. Owing to this, they made their repayment terms more flexible. You can pay amortizations for one year or two depending on which is most viable for you.