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Oct 25, 2014

Affordable Gifts For Your Girl

When it comes to gifts, girls tend to make high expectations. This makes it challenging for us men especially when we are low in budget. If your savings account limits the amount you can spend on presents, you can still get your girl the best gift without robbing a bank. Below are some of the affordable gift ideas for your girl.

Personalized Deck Of Cards

Nothing can be more romantic than a personalized or customized gift. If you are tight on budget, then take advantage of DIY gifts like a personalized deck of cards. Buy a deck of cards at any store and use the back of each card to write reasons why you love your girl. Leave the 51st card for the title. Some ideas for a good title would be, “50 reasons why I love you”, “I love you because…”, etc. Stack these cards together by punching holes on its sides and hooking them to some key chain rings. 

DIY Tour

If you haven’t yet used your hometown for a date with your girl, it’s about time you use it. Create a do-it-yourself tour by booking a night at the cheapest bed and breakfast in your locality. Spend your day exploring local museums, parks and pubs. Enjoy live music at your favorite bar and end your night with a romantic dinner at your booked room. This will be a gift your girl will thank you every single day as it’s a great addition to your romantic memories.

(Your name here) Loves (insert name of Girlfriend here)

If both of you love to play scrabble, use that as an advantage to create a wall art. Gather some old wooden scrabble pieces and find the letters to spell out “(Your name here) Loves (insert name of Girlfriend here)”. Glue these pieces together onto a cardboard and then have it framed at a local framing shop. Your girlfriend will be too proud to show it off to her friends.

These gifts are cheap but its value is priceless. Remember that when it comes to gift giving, it is always the thought that counts. While others would instantly take out instant cash solutions like Toronto Bad Credit Personal Loans to impress a girl, save that thought for much more important finances like medical emergencies, urgent finances and unexpected bills. For now, just let your creativity and resourcefulness do the magic.