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Toronto Auto Pawn Loans – Importance Of A Savings Account

Dec 15, 2013

Owning and managing a savings account is very important as it cushions us for our future needs and emergency or urgent finances. Problem is managing a savings account is easier said than done. It requires a lot of discipline and sacrifices. If you still haven’t started a savings account read on to know the benefits of owning one. 

The Importance Of Having A Savings Account

Enumerated below are the benefits of maintaining a savings account. For those of you who don’t see any reason to start up a savings account, read these benefits so that you will be motivated to open your own as soon as possible:

  • Savings account earns interest. Rather than leaving your funds in your piggy bank or in a checking account, why not open a savings account and have your deposit money earn an interest rate of 1-3% annually. Though minimal, savings account does earn interest. The bank pays you in the form of interest for letting them use the money you put into your account as loans, bonds and stocks in its various financial activities. It is better to have your cash earn a little than nothing at all, right?
  • Saving account motivates you to save for major investments. When you have your funds or cash in a safe place and far from your instant access, you will be more likely able to save a greater amount which you can use for your major expenditures such as an upfront payment for a house or a vehicle. Savings account can help you reach your future goals easily because you won’t be tempted to use up all your cash but instead set it aside for better investments. 
  • Savings account can cushion you in cases of emergency. There are unexpected situations that happen in our life which can be costly. With a savings account, you won’t be stressed whenever you need emergency cash for unfortunate and unexpected scenarios like losing a job, meeting an accident, car trouble and the like. This is because you can just instantly withdraw cash from your savings account.

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