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Thorold Auto Pawn Loans Can Help Divorcees with Their Finances

Apr 29, 2014

If there is one thing married couples never want to go through, then that would be divorce. Divorce has a lot of negative consequences. It does not only affect the emotional aspect of a couple but also leads to financial disturbances. There are even ex-married couples who have their credit scores decreased right after divorce. This makes it difficult for them to obtain traditional financing when they need one.

Luckily, despite bad credit ratings, those who have recently gone through a divorce can now secure a loan when they need urgent cash. This can be done through Thorold auto pawn loans. As long as you have a less than 8-year old vehicle which can be used to secure the loan, you can have access to cash instantly!

Here are the benefits of auto pawn loans in Thorold making them perfect solutions for divorcees.

  •  Perfect for Bad Credit Borrowers

Auto pawn loans do not require credit check to its borrowers. This is something you cannot expect from traditional lenders like the banks and credit unions. Hence, despite having your credit score suffer significantly right after your divorce, you have nothing to worry about because Thorold auto pawn loans can still save you from financial mess.

  • Keep your Collateral

Unlike other pawn loans which require you to deposit your collateral in exchange for the loan money; you can still use your car during the entire repayment period with auto pawn loans. The only time your vehicle will be taken away from you is when you default in your payment dues.

  • Flexible Loans

Auto pawn loans companies do not force its borrowers to max out their loans. Even if you qualify for a loan which is worth $15,000, for example, you may just borrow $5000 if that is the only amount you need. Thus, auto pawn loans in Thorold are easier to pay given its flexibility feature.

  • Flexible Repayment Periods

Auto pawn loans are convenient because of its flexible repayment periods. If you borrow from Instant Loans Canada, you can choose whether to pay within 1 year or 2 years. These loans don’t require you to repay immediately. That said, you will have a relaxing time while clearing your debt.

Divorce may be a challenging situation to go through. It may have a considerable number of negative impacts but it does not have to affect your ability to borrow money especially when you need to. Thankfully, you can always have instant cash access through Thorold auto pawn loans!