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St. Catharines Auto Pawn Loans – Reasons Why Car Title Loans Are Your Safest Option

Jan 13, 2014

Are you looking for the best financial solutions to solve your economic problems right now? Do you want to get not only the best but the safest among all financial options available? If you do, then better choose St. Catharines auto pawn loans rather than any other options available in the market. Though all financial instruments come with consequences, you will be in the safest place when you get auto pawn loans. The reasons are enumerated below:

Why Are St. Catharines Auto Pawn Loans Your Best And Safest Option?

  • No Hidden Fees. Compared to payday loan companies which are known to charge hidden fees in their loans, you will know outright how much you will be paying back with auto pawn loans. And as long as you keep paying your dues on time, you will never encounter sky-high costs!
  • Longer Repayment Terms. Unlike other loans or cash advances, St. Catharines Auto Pawn Loans have longer repayment terms which is easier to comply with. With the repayment terms extending from months to years, it will be more likely that would be able to keep up with your dues and avoid penalty fees and other consequences like repossession of your vehicle.
  • You Get To Drive Your Car. Even though the security for auto pawn loans is your vehicle, you won’t leave your car with the auto pawn loan company because the company will just take hold of your vehicle’s title. Thus, you can drive back your car with you while you are repaying back your loan.
  • Bigger Loan Amount. With St. Catharines auto pawn loans, you can borrow as much as $25,000 depending on the equity value of your car. This is far beyond what other financial instruments can offer. The reason why auto pawn loan companies can lend larger amounts of cash is because these values depend on the car given by the borrower as collateral for the loan. Hence, you will not only be limited to spending your loan for only one emergency expense as there will be left a large amount for your other urgent finances.
  • Interest Rates Are Lesser. Car title loan lenders know that whenever you default in your repayment, they can just easily repossess your vehicle. This being the case, they don’t see the need to charge you high interest rates for the money they lend as they already have a security to run after in case the transaction does not go well later on. Unfortunately, this is not the same with other types of loans especially with unsecured loans. With the latter, you must expect to be charged higher rates.