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Norfolk Auto Title Loans

Jul 25, 2014

We all have our share of experience on unexpected financial crisis. We face this scenario owing to a number of reasons such as sudden loss of job, meeting accidents or even unexpected rise in our bills. These situations happen no matter how much we control everything. And when such occurrences happen, we find ourselves short on cash to get by. It is during such situation when we find resort from helpful financial options like Norfolk auto title loans.

Norfolk auto title loans are loans which depend on your vehicle as collateral to secure the loan. They are available to everyone who can submit a vehicle title as collateral for the loan. This is true regardless of the condition of the borrower’s credit rating.

You can find Norfolk auto title loans from a variety of sources. Below is a list of reputable sources of auto title loans.


Banks nowadays don’t just offer traditional forms of financing. Norfolk auto title loans are now offered in banks. But despite auto title loans being available at your local bank, there are facts you need to know about these loans. Banks who offer auto title loans are strict. They don’t accept collateral which are old enough. They only accept new vehicles as security for their auto title loans. Additionally, banks tend to process auto title loans for quite some time. This is something you have to consider when you are in need of instant cash. Lastly, banks tend to check your credit rating. So even though auto title loans are known to provide cash even to borrowers suffering from bad credit scores, there is still a high chance of these subprime borrowers being declined if they secure auto title loans from banks.

Legit Lending Institutions

Aside from your local banks, you can also secure Norfolk auto title loans from legit lenders in your area. Look for institutions that specifically offer auto title loans rather than regular pawn shops. Pawn shops can offer you quick cash but the problem with them is that they require you to surrender your vehicle in exchange for the loan. This is not the case when you secure auto title loans from lending companies that really offer them specifically.

Furthermore, legit Norfolk auto title loans company offers long repayment terms. Their terms usually range from one to two years. These periods are long enough for you to easily comply with your repayment without being stressed as to how and where your can find means to repay your dues.

Lastly, legit auto title loans companies don’t have stringent requirements. Unlike banks, you can borrow cash from them through their Norfolk auto title loans simply by providing your vehicle title. This is notwithstanding your bad credit score, if unfortunately you have one.