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Prince Edward Auto Pawn Loans For Your Delayed Car Repair Problem

Apr 05, 2014

One of the most expensive expenditure every Canadian has to face at least once in their life is a car repair. When the car engine prompts for a repair, many just tend to let go of it for a while because of lack of funds. Problem is the more you delay the repair, the worse the problem will be and the greater the expense you will have to face. Aside from the money problem, you will also have a dilemma on whether to choose to have the car repaired by a cheap mechanic or a more expensive one. If you choose a cheap mechanic, you can save money but you risk your car from ultimately breaking because you will wait for days before it will be repaired due to a high volume of customers. On the other hand, choosing an expensive mechanic can assure you of a prompt repair but the cost would be very overwhelming.

If you see yourself caught in a situation like this, it would be wise to consider Prince Edward auto pawn loans. An auto pawn loan is a loan against the equity of your vehicle. Its basis is the idea that your vehicle has a good value and you can make use of such value during urgent situations. Auto pawn loans offer a wide array of benefits and among them are:

  • Easy application process
  • Very fast approval
  • Use your vehicle during the loan repayment period
  • Less stringent requirements or qualifications
  • No credit checks
  • No prepayment penalties

If these benefits are too alluring for you, then better take advantage of auto pawn loans right now and finance your car repair immediately. Find a lender within your locality and bring the following documents during your loan application:

  • Certificate of title of your vehicle
  • Value of your car per assessment
  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of income as security for the lender that you will be able to repay the loan
  • Insurance coverage of your vehicle
  • Spare car key that the lender can use when exercising his or her right of repossession in case you default in your monthly payment

Perhaps you are caught in between choosing a bank loan rather than the Prince Edward auto pawn loans.

The primary reason why you must choose the latter is you won’t need a good credit for a loan approval. Your credit worthiness in auto pawn loans is not significant because the loan is based on your vehicle’s equity. Furthermore, auto pawn loans provide instant cash. This is something bank loans cannot offer. The moment you get your loan from the bank, it would perhaps be too late for a car repair.  So when time is of the essence, auto pawn loans become a viable option.