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Sep 21, 2014

Are You An Overspender?

Are you the type of person who makes monthly budget plans only to end up ruining it by the time you get your paycheck? Do you splurge each time you feel you deserve a reward or you feel depressed? If this is more like you then you might see yourself one day with an empty bank account feeling guilty over all your useless purchases. By the time you realize your Overspender Attitude, you are already using credit cards to cover your bad moves.

 For those of you who are having a hard time recognizing your bad spending habits, take a look at the list below to determine if you are really overspending monthly.

Sure Signals That You Are An Overspender

1. You Spend More Than Your Budget.

If, for instance, you have budgeted $100 for shopping but ended up spending $200 then surely you have spend way beyond your limit. This means you could have used up the money allotted for your utilities and other bills to shopping. If this is you, then you are an Overspender.

2. You Are Way Beyond Your Credit Card Limit

Credit cards are useful because it allows you to have instant cash access when necessary. However, some people tend to overuse it on the unnecessaries. Overspenders, in particular,  tend to max out their limits just so they can buy items which are way beyond their onhand cash. Once you notice yourself spending over what you have in your wallet, it’s about time you reflect on your spending habits because one thing is for sure: this is a sure sign of overspending.

3. Your debt is above your income.

If your payable is more than your income, then you are definitely spending too much. The rule is that your income be greater than your financial responsibilities so that you can always make your payments on time without suffering penalty fees.

Realizing and accepting that you are Overspender is the first step to breaking yourself free from this bad habit. The next thing would be to take financial responsibility by sticking on your budget and starting on clearing your debts. If you are overwhelmed with your payables, though, you can always run after Kingsville auto title loans. Just use the equity of your vehicle to secure instant cash. Simply dial Instant Loans Canada and let them help you with this ordeal.