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How to Spend an Awesome Summer Vacation- on a Tight Budget

Jul 27, 2016

Alright! So you intend to hit the beach for the vacation? It’s fun and awesome- but overspending is not.

a tight budget

Here are a few pointers which can help you make the most out of a reasonable budget.

1- Be foresighted. Aim ahead and plan accordingly.

Hey, this is a no brainer but folks generally tend to rush in the last minute. Planning ahead lets you drive to the airport in peace rather than scramble for checking your documents and ensuring they are in one place.
Travel agents recommend you book at least 45 days ahead of your planned trip. This saves you the last minute scramble and gets you less expensive hotel and transportation tickets.

2- Don’t plan at the “usual” time spots

The first couple of weeks in august (right before school season opens) is the prime tourist travel schedule for most people and it’s considered to be the jackpot of all tour agents across the western hemisphere.Flight tickets will be through the roof and hotel charges will be expensive to taste sour in your mouth.
We suggest you pick up your destinations and make your travel arrangements for the month of june or september- flight tickets are generally low at that time of summer.

3- Where are you going to stay? Research.

Great! So you have your travel arrangements set and the jet roaring to go. If you are planning to head to a popular tourist destination such as Paris or Istanbul, consider crashing in a hotel in the outskirts or another city nearby.
Another great ida is to use mobile applications and let them find you places to stay at cheaper prices. Apps such as AirBnB and FlipKey help you find like minded individuals who are interested in hosting paying guests in their homes for a nominal fee or free (if they are generous).

4- Go places where people wouldn’t visit at summer.

Winter is the usual spot in the calendar for folks to visit southern parts of Florida, but nearly not as much as under the sun. if you can find air conditioning to shield you from the heat, i recommend paying a visit this summer and avail cheaper prices. Costa rica and Tulum in Mexico are other recommended hotspots of tourism and adventure for summer in my lisT. Give it a thought.

5- Plan ahead of your journey. Fix your budget.

Instead of blowing up all your hard earned cash for a pompous vacation spot in one go, try spending judiciously. If you do intend to visit a wildlife sanctuary, certain tour operators and hours offer free services at special time frames. Research well before you dive in.

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