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Fast Cash Loan Whitecourt Alberta

Jul 15, 2014

Whitecourt Fast Cash Loan

When you need fast cash, the equity in your car or truck is a valuable asset and you can use it to quickly and easily borrow against that value.  While banks and other institutions are tightening their credit standards, we are not.  We are eager to satisfy your cash needs and make you a loan you can afford. With fast cash loan Whitecourt, you can receive cash on the same day you apply. You just need to own a vehicle with a clear title to be eligible for a car title loan in Whitecourt.

Fast and Easy Way to Receive Cash

The easiest, most hassle-free way to get cash fast in Whitecourt is a car title loan. If you have bad credit or have maxed out your credit card, getting a conventional bank loan is almost impossible.  And those tempting payday loans look great until you look closer and realize how much interest you have to pay on them. The most sensible option is a low-risk, secured loan, and if you own a car, you can get one from Instant Loans Canada. We’re certified and legal, a reliable money lending company near you. We offer low-interest loans from $1,000 to $25,000 with your car as our security.

No Pre-Payment Penalty

Our loans also have no pre-payment penalty which means that you can pay off the loan at any time with no additional cost or fee.  We even offer online car title loans option for those who want to apply online. And, our auto title loans have much higher dollar amounts than typical payday loans in Whitecourt. Whereas our loans are based primarily on the value of your car, personal loans are unsecured and typically require much higher credit scores.

Apply Today and Receive Fast Cash

Instant Loans Canada has a long history of providing car title loans in your area, so if you need cash today we can help. Our staff of friendly loan professionals is waiting to help you with the cash you need today. And don’t worry, we let you keep driving your car while paying back the loan. Apply now!