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Choosing LaSalle Auto Pawn Loans Can Be Your Best Move Ever!

Mar 27, 2014

When you need instant cash, you barely have options to joggle. Bank loans are only approved to those with good credit and employment status. They take weeks to months to get approved. Credit cards also offer only a few benefits – although you can have it approved easily, you can borrow only a small amount of money. With that, you are left with LaSalle auto pawn loans – a seemingly perfect solution for your urgent cash needs. Know why you must choose auto pawn loans below.

Choosing LaSalle Auto Pawn Loans Can Be Your Best Move Ever!

  • Instant Cash. Auto pawn loans provide instant cash to its borrowers. The loan process is so streamlined that you can have it approved in hour or less than a day. All you need is your vehicle’s title. The lenders will just have to inspect your vehicle to assess its equity value and you can be approved of a loan based on their assessed value.
  • Less Stringent Qualifications. Unlike bank loans and credit cards wherein borrowers need to have favorable credit scores and a good employment status, LaSalle auto pawn loans are approved even without checking your credit or employment. This makes it the best and only option for those Canadians who have poor credit scores due to late payments and bankruptcy. And as of now, there is just a pool of Canadians having this problem. They think they are hopeless, but in truth they are not. They just haven’t found auto pawn loans yet. If you are among those with unfavorable ratings, then auto pawn loans can be your best friend.
  • Very Efficient Process. As already mentioned, the auto pawn loan application process is very efficient. You can have a loan approved in less than an hour. This is something you cannot find from other financial options. You don’t have to wait for weeks to know whether your application was approved or denied. You can have your answer (most often favorable) in less than a day or even during your lunch break.
  • Get To Keep Your Collateral. Although LaSalle auto pawn loans are based on the equity of your vehicle, you still get to keep and use it throughout the loan term. What the lenders will take possession of will only be your vehicle’s title. This makes auto pawn loans a better option compared to a pawn shop wherein valuables are taken in exchange for the loan money.

Given these advantages, I don’t see any reason why you have to be afraid of auto pawn loans.