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Can I Get Newmarket Auto Title Loans Without A Car Title?

Jul 17, 2014

Almost all of us encounter shortfalls in our budget. Things outside our control just happens. So even though we control where our money goes, there are just instances wherein we experience having emergency expenses. Sometimes, our bills also spiral out of our control affecting our prepared budget. When this happens, we usually thinking about a quick fix like different financial solutions. One particular financial solution which is popular to many are Newmarket auto title loans. These are cash solutions which depend upon the equity of your vehicle in exchange for a loan. So you will have to provide a security to be able to avail of auto title loans. However, what if you don’t have a title of your vehicle because you lost it? Can you still secure auto title loans in Newmarket?

Your Car Title Is The Ticket For Newmarket Auto Title Loans

The collateral for Newmarket auto title loans is a vehicle title. Hence, it is very important for a borrower to submit his or her car title in order to avail of auto title loans. If you lost your vehicle title, you will have to secure a duplicate copy from a Driver’s License Bureau or a similar institution. There, you will be required to fill out some paperworks. You will also be required to submit some documents. NOTE: The processing of a duplicate vehicle title can take longer if it is under your spouse’s name or if your vehicle already has a lien on it. So be sure that you learn what are the requirements for these situations so that you will be able to comply them before heading to a Driver’s License Bureau. This is one way of saving your time.

Securing a Duplicate Vehicle Title To Avail of Newmarket Auto Title Loans Is Better

Some may be dismayed because they think that getting a duplicate vehicle title is very hard. So instead of securing auto title loans in Newmarket, they turn to other options like payday loans and the like. Although these loans are helpful, they can be stressful in the end because they are known to be associated with increasing interest rates. Furthermore, their loan terms can be very short making you at risk of suffering penalty fees because of inability to repay. This is the reason why Newmarket auto title loans are better options as their terms are longer and there are no hidden fees.