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Oct 31, 2014

Purchases That Can Save You Money

What is popular today is the “buy now, save later” slogan of major business establishments. It pushes consumers to spend more which is very ironic because how can one save when he or she spends more. However, reality is there are purchases that can let you conserve some amount of cash. They are not those clothes or shoes on sale. These items are unknown to many because they are not the ones advertised. But for your sake, I’ve listed them in this post.

  • High Quality Clothing

High quality garments tend to last longer because you are more likely to take care of it. Hence, they are a good investment. Not only will they make you look neat and polished but also will help you save cash in the long run as you will be forced to stay out of malls. You won’t need new clothes as your old clothes still look new.

I don’t mean you should buy all high quality garments. What I mean is you invest on superior quality basics like jeans, blazers, button-ups, jackets and slacks. You can then pair these high quality basics with some cheap accessories like a scarf, shirts and other accessories.

  • Invest on reusable items

It is very good to purchase reusable items even though they cost higher than their alternatives. This is because they can save you money in the long run. Take for instance plastic bags. You probably would spend about $100 a year on them when you use them to pack your sandwiches, snacks, and small stuffs at home. But if you invest on a $25 plasticwares, you will be able to save about $75 not only a year but until said plasticware will wear out.

  • Vehicle maintenance

If there is a thing you must spend on, then it must be on car maintenance. The more you maintain the quality of your vehicle, the longer it will last with you and the lesser the chance of you purchasing a new one sooner. Not only that, when your car is of good quality, its equity will remain high which is very beneficial when you use your vehicle as collateral for instant solutions like bad credit personal loans in Brampton. Admit it, there will be times when your finances will go haywire and you won’t have anywhere to run to. If you have maintained your vehicle so well, you can reap its benefit when you are allowed to loan a greater amount by using its equity for Brampton bad credit personal loans.