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Bad Credit Loans Sturgeon County Alberta Are Far Better Because Credit Checks Can Be Nasty

Jul 12, 2015

Simply put, there are no credit checks when you apply for a collateral vehicle title loan.

We all experience unexpected financial problems every now and then. Suddenly, you find yourself with an urgent bill to pay or an emergency medical bill and your funds are somewhat dry or its weeks before the next payday. Collateral vehicle title loans can be the best answer for these problems because no credit checks are needed for the loan approval. This is quite good news for those with bad credit or no credit at all.

A credit check is very cruel for those with financial emergencies

Credit checks are generally nasty for those in real need of fast cash. With vehicle title loans no credit checks are done by lenders because the loan is secured by the collateral. All that is needed is a fully owned car that is inspected and appraised for true market value to serve as collateral. Then the car title needs to be lien free so the lender can place a lien on it for the duration of the loan term. The borrower then needs to show a valid driver’s license and proof of permanent residence and the loan is approved in one hour. You can borrow as little as $1,000 and as much as $35,000.

No more high interest with very short loan terms

Looking at the major benefits of car title loans, aside from not having credit checks and very minimal requirements, borrowers benefit from:

  • Up to 70 percent lower interest rate against the competition. This makes no credit check title loans the lowest interest rates in the lending industry.
  • The longest loan payment terms that start at 2 years and can be stretched up to 5 years.
  • No early payment penalty charges if the loan is paid off early.

At Instant Loans Canada, we loan you money based on the value of your vehicle, not your credit score. That means that you have fast access to cash whether you have bad credit or no credit at all. Call Instant Loans Canada toll free at 1-866-973-5214 and apply now or apply online. It’s almost a fast-money guarantee that you can be out the door in an hour with your loan amount. We’ve got the process down pat. Be on the winning side of annoying debt. Just think of Instant Loans Canada as the beginning of a way out.