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Auto Equity Loan Peace River Alberta

Jan 25, 2015

Peace River Auto Equity Loan

Do you need immediate cash? Do you have bad credit? If you think having bad credit won’t allow you to take out a loan, think again. Bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. At Instant Loans Canada, we never inquire into your personal situation. The only information we need is about your car. Your credit rating doesn’t make a difference to us. Neither do the reasons that you need a loan.

When you need cash right away, you can use auto equity loans to your advantage. We specialize in providing auto equity loan Peace River. An auto equity loan is made against the equity in a vehicle you own. If you own a vehicle and it has a valid title that shows you own it, you may be able to borrow against the equity in the vehicle and get a same-day cash loan in as little as one hour.

Why Credit Scores Don’t Matter

Auto equity loans in Peace River, Alberta are the safest form of loans which are provided to the borrower against his car title. These loans are better than the loans from banks and from un-authorized money lenders. They are quick to obtain and there is no risk of any sort. Because we are providing the loans against car title, we don’t give much concern what the credit score of the person is. Even if they are found to be negative, we will provide loans to such people. If you are also having bad credit scores and you have seen that all finance providers are rejecting your loan application, then don’t hesitate, just come to us. You won’t go empty handed from our door steps, this is sure.

Apply Today and Receive Cash

When you call us or apply online, we’re only going to ask you about your car, so we can estimate how much it’s worth. With that information, we can figure out the amount you can borrow. This only takes minutes – even while you wait. Your loan can be in your hands as little as an hour later. We keep the title while you’re paying the loan back, and it goes right back to you when it’s paid.

Want to get started? Call us toll-free at 1-866-973-5214 or fill out our simple online application. Our loan representatives will guide you through the process. Apply now!