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Auto Equity Loan High River Alberta

Jan 17, 2015

High River Auto Equity Loan

We know how hard it can be to generate money fast if you have bad credit. You think there’s nowhere to turn. But the truth is different. Instant Loans Canada is here to help with low-risk, low-interest loans, if you own a car. You see, we’re not interested in your credit history. We’re not going to ask you to put your home up as collateral or bring in a friend with a better income to cosign the loan. Since we base our loans on the market worth of the customer’s car, anyone who owns a full-paid car can qualify for auto equity loan High River.

Receive Car Title Loans in High River Today

You can get up to $25,000 depending on your car for an auto equity loan. We have plans that can accommodate to any changes to your finances as well. You can dictate the terms of your repayment. We strive to make the entire title loans process a smooth one. Auto equity loans in High River are a stable and easily-attainable alternative to standard loans.

Keep Your Car and Receive Cash

Some of our potential customers learn that they’ll be using their title as collateral and they are worried. They fear that this means they’ll have to give up the use of their vehicles once they get their cash. This is a major misconception because we allow you to keep your car and drive them as much as you’d like!

No Credit Check

We can give you an auto equity loan in High River, Alberta, no matter where your credit rating stands. Many of our clients have had credit problems in the past or even experienced repossessions, but we help them get a secured loan in just one hour. We have many happy customers who return to us because our services are professional and confidential.

Today is the day to stop worrying about your cash problems and start living life again! Why waste time when you need a loan? Let us help. Fill out an application online or give us a call to get started with auto equity loans in High River, Alberta. Apply now!