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Auto Equity Loan Fort Saskatchewan Alberta

Jan 03, 2015

Fort Saskatchewan Auto Equity Loan

When you want a fast cash loan and cannot get the money you want from a bank, where do you turn? Saskatchewan, Alberta residents can turn to Instant Loans Canada.

Here at Instant Loans Canada, we provide auto equity loan Fort Saskatchewan that is secured by the title to your vehicle. The loan amount is based on the value of your vehicle.

Fort Saskatchewan auto equity loans can provide you with up to $25,000 in as little as 1 hour! And the best part is you continue to drive after you get your loan. We will keep a hold of your car title until the loan is complete. We will return it promptly to you at your last payment.

Ideal Option When You Need Cash

An auto equity loan is perfect for those who have an immediate need for cash, but do not have weeks to wait to get a traditional loan approved.  Our title loans take only 1 hour to process and fund and you do not need perfect credit to get approved. We know that customers are looking for quick, no hassle, respectable service and that is what we specialize in.  If you have an immediate need for cash, getting a loan against the title of your vehicle might be your best option.

Customized Repayment Plans

There’s no reason to feel trapped in the money crunch for one more day. We’re pleased to offer our clients a viable solution to their need for instant cash, without charging outrageous interest or asking about your credit history. Best of all, you keep driving your car while you pay back the loan. You get the cash and you get to drive your own car, just like before. The ease of an auto equity loan with the added benefits of lower interest rates, longer repayment terms and the ability to borrow much more money is the reason why many people choose it when they need cash fast.

 Don’t delay. Fill out our simple online application today or give us a quick call toll-free at 1-866-973-5214 and get the cash you need. Apply now!