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A Simple Guide to Auto Title Loans Solutions in Pickering

Jul 09, 2014

An auto title loan is a secured loan for a term of 1-year or 2-years. It comes with a low interest because it makes use of the borrower’s vehicle title as security for the loan. Unlike other collateral loans which require the borrower to submit the property itself, with Pickering auto title loans, the borrower may keep possession of the vehicle during the entire loan term. And there is only one occasion when the loan will be repossessed by the lenders. That is: when the borrower fails to pay the loan.

You may not believe it though but the occasions of vehicle repossession with Pickering auto title loans is so rare. The main reason for this is because borrowers of auto title loans are very well-informed that the best time to take out such loans is only during emergencies. The borrowers of auto title loans also know that losing their vehicle is not a situation they could easily handle especially since they won’t have transportation for work or to bring their kids to school. Owing to this, they are more vigilant in their payment dues.

Nevertheless, why do some people think that auto title loans are bad?

Those who find Pickering¬† auto title loans risky are the people who know that there is a high chance of them not paying their loans. They foresee that when this happens, they would likely lose their vehicle through repossession by the lender. The lender would have to repossess a vehicle when the borrower does not pay in order to recoup the loss the lender suffered because of the borrower’s default.

Auto title loan process explained.

A borrower who needs instant cash can simply file an application form in order to borrow cash through Pickering auto title loans. The process does not take an hour. Once approved, the borrower will leave with the cash or check she or he needs together with the car. What is left with the lender is only the car title. This will form a the collateral for loan. Below is the simplified process of auto title loan application:

Submit your application online. Ensure that your application already comes with the papers the lender requires.

Wait for the approval. The vehicle equity will be estimated by the lender and you will be given a price quote as to the amount of loan allowed for you. This process takes just about 15 minutes.

Take your cash. After the approval, you can now take your cash and your vehicle home with you.