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Vehicle Title Loans Camrose Alberta Require No Credit Checks Ever

Mar 22, 2016

For those in need of fast emergency cash, you can apply for collateral vehicle title loans and get approved even with bad credit.

That’s right, no credit checks are ever done when getting collateral vehicle title loans because all that is needed to qualify is a fully owned car as collateral. The lien free car title then is left with the lender as the collateral while the borrower gets to keep the car and keep driving it while paying off the loan.

No employment requirements

Lenders understand that not everyone is employed so no background checks of this sort are done. This is good news to business owners and those receiving pensions.

5 Year Terms

Collateral car title loans give you 5-year terms, making this the longest loan payment term that can ever be offered to borrowers. No more suffering from 60-day terms from short term loans.

Early payments are no problem

Should the loan be paid off early, no extra charges will be applied for early payment penalties.

$97 per month!

Interest rates for no credit check title loans are the lowest when compared to short term loans or even unsecured loans. Imagine paying as low as $97 a month. Once the loan is approved in one hour you get the cash on that same hour.

A collateral vehicle title loan that you really need for your financial problems isn’t that hard to find. At Instant Loans Canada we want our customers to know that if they need to, they can get a car title loan fast and today. All they need to do in order to begin the process is to get in touch with Instant Loans Canada by calling the toll free number at 1-866-973-5214 and apply now or online. Or you can contact Instant Loans Canada and inquire for more information, and get started processing your loan and getting help from our loan representatives.