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Sep 09, 2014

How to Stay Financially Afloat While In University

It is very easy to fall into financial mistakes while in college. Pressure from our peers easily gets into us that we tend to forget our financial responsibilities. But it is while we are in college when financial accountability is encouraged to start. Question is how can we remain financially afloat despite all the temptations we face while in the university?

Below are some essential financial tips which can help you train yourself to start having solid financial foundation at the earliest stage of your adult life. Read on.

Take advantage of student discounts

One of the perks of being a college student are student discounts. It is very advantageous for you to make the most out of this benefit as this is only fleeting. You can no longer enjoy this once you are out of college. Hence, make use of student discounts as much as you can. You can avail of student discounts when you are at a local cafe, restaurant, using a public transportation and others. Student discounts not only let you save a great amount of cash but also let you appreciate the value of great deals.

Stay Away From Credit Cards

If possible, don’t apply for a credit card. While credit cards are very convenient especially in times financial crisis, it can only lead you to a debt pit especially since you are still an amateur in dealing with your finances. When you own a credit card, you would no longer be conscious of your spending because it can lure your think that you have money to spend when in fact you don’t. It can also open you to bad habits such as having debts for unnecessary items like new clothing, concert tickets Or luxurious spring break getaways.

Don’t Always Buy New Textbooks

Not always do professors require students to purchase new books. There are too many professors that use the same textbooks each year. If this is the case, don’t spend on new books. Simple rent old books or buy used books from eBay. This can let you save a handful amount of cash. Only buy new books when it is absolutely necessary such as when your professor specifically demanded you to use “only” such textbook.

Resort to financial solutions like auto title loans

If need there be, make use of fast cash solutions to solve your immediate cash needs. If you own a fully-paid car, take advantage of its equity by using it as collateral for auto title loans. Did you know that you can borrow as much as $35,000 against your vehicle? And don’t worry as you need not max out your loan if you only need a decent amount.