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Quick Cash Port Coquitlam British Columbia Has the Lowest Interest with Longer Terms

Apr 25, 2016

Unlike unsecured loans and short term loans that can go up to 156% in interest, quick cash loans are offered at the lowest interest rates possible. Payments can be as low as $97 per month.

Collateral vehicle title loans are more practical

While traditional unsecured loans and short term loans with high interests take advantage of low-income borrowers, the rise of collateral car title loans has seen an explosive growth. The main contributory factors with this loan is that people are allowed to keep driving their car during the loan term and a fully owned car already secures the loan as collateral.

Credit checks aren’t necessary

Another main factor in the rise of no credit check title loans is that other forms of credit aren’t an option for borrowers with a bad credit history. However, almost anyone who owns a car can get a collateral car title loan approved in just 1 hour. No credit checks are needed.

Collateral vehicle title loans in contrast to unsecured loans

Borrowers are expected to pay off what they loaned with a very long and flexible loan payment term of up to 5 years. Should the loan be paid off early, no early payment penalty will be charged. Once the loan is approved in 1 hour, the fast cash is released on the same day as the approval.

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