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Pros and Cons of Pelham Auto Collateral Loans

Nov 25, 2013

When you have urgent needs like cash and you have nowhere to run to, always remember that there are already financial solutions available today which can help you. These solutions include: bank loans, credit cards, credit unions, mortgage, pawn loans and auto collateral loans. In this short article, the pros and cons of Pelham auto collateral loans are discussed in detail to help you decide whether to take it or leave it.

Pros and Cons of Pelham Auto Collateral Loans


  • Quick Cash Solution. Pelham auto collateral loans are one of the quickest cash solutions available today. Any person who wishes to borrow money through auto collateral loans can have the cash with them even on the same day of application. Other solutions like bank loans and credit unions would take weeks before they are approved.
  • Bad Credit Score Won’t Matter. Auto collateral loans are secured by your vehicle which you place as collateral. Hence, you can still borrow cash even if your credit score is not in your favor as most, if not all, title loan companies won’t take regard about your credit score before they approve an auto collateral loan.
  • You Still Get To Drive Your Car. Despite offering your vehicle as collateral for auto collateral loans, you still get to use your car during the loan repayment term. You are not selling your car when you resort to auto collateral loans. It is as if you are pawning the vehicle to the lender but you will retain access and possession over the same as long as you comply with your repayment terms and obligations.
  • You Won’t Lose Greater Investments Like Your Home. Unlike house mortgages, in auto collateral loans, you won’t be at risk of losing greater investments like your house as it is only your car which will be encumbered with Pelham auto collateral loans.


  • Possibility Of Losing Your Vehicle. Even though securing cash through auto collateral loans is easy, you must consider well your ability to repay the loan. The reason is because you could lose your car if you don’t make repayments according to the agreement you signed with the lender. That can spell disaster!
  • You Will Be In Debt. Until you pay the loan back, you will be in debt. And there is nothing wrong about that as most people today are already in debt due to economic crisis. Problem comes in only if you are already in a deep debt hole. By then, securing additional loan can lead you to a debt trap.