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Sep 15, 2014

Making Your Savings A Priority

Whether you are married or single, I am pretty sure you know by now that having some savings is very important. You need savings for different reasons such as emergencies, retirement, major expenses like a car or a house or perhaps for some school expenses. Although you already know the importance of savings, you perhaps don’t know how to start one. So here are some helpful tips for you.

Set Aside Money For Savings On Each Paycheck

The easiest way for you to save money is by instantly setting aside cash to your savings account the moment you receive your paycheck. This can prevent you from the temptation of spending your money until there is nothing left for savings. Lucky for you, there is already a way for you to make automatic payments from your checking account to your savings account. You can let your bank set it up for you. By doing this, you will be able to stop yourself from spending the money you think is “extra”.

Set A Fixed Amount For Savings

To be able to save big and also reach your savings goals fast, you must allot a fixed amount for savings each month. There are two ways for calculating your savings. Choose the one that fits you best below:

Set aside 10% per paycheck. This is the most common advice you get when it comes to fattening your savings account. Financial analysts say that you should apportion 10% of your paycheck to savings if you want to reach your savings goals fast.

Use the budget method. Determine how much money you need per month and the amount that is left after all the deductions. This amount will then be the money you have to constantly deposit to your savings account. Always remember that you have to modify this one each month so as to attain your goals faster.

Keep Going

If you see yourself far from reaching your savings goal, don’t be frustrated and spiral out of control. Instead, save what you can and do it regularly. It can not only help you establish a habit which is financially healthy for you but it can also help you attain financial stability in the long run.

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However, if your savings is not feasible for your financial needs, simply use the equity of your vehicle to apply for auto title loans in East Gwillimbury. You can already borrow as much as $35,000 against your vehicle’s value by placing it as collateral. Plus, you get to enjoy this amount without having to surrender your car to the lenders. Amazing, right?