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Brantford Auto Title Loans Advice: Risky Spots to Swipe That Debit Card

Jul 07, 2014

In this technological age, we are blessed with a lot of convenient ways of doing things. Take for instance debit cards. Debit cards now replace cash for payment. We can use it either as cash or credit card. Yet if you are fond of using your debit card, you might want to be more vigilant on using it in the following places:

Automated Machines.

Thieves have now devised new ways of stealing things. As technology improved, thieves have tried to catch on their ways of stealing money. For instance, thieves can now steal personal information the moment you swipe your debit card to an ATM machine. They do this by utilizing technology in order to read and gather information every time a person swipes his or her debit card to ATM machine itself. To prevent yourself from being a victim of this modus operandi, better withdraw at ATM machines located inside major financial establishments where security is tight.

Gas Stations.

Thieves also put skimmers at gas stations. These skimmers allow them to retrieve information once a customer swipes his or her debit card at a gas station. The reason why this situation is prevalent at gas stations is because of the unsupervised nature of these gas stations. So be sure to make it a point to use cash rather than your debit card when you load gas to your vehicle.


There are already a number of occurrences when shoppers got their debit cards hacked while shopping online. The internet is no longer a secure place today. So be extra vigilant when shopping through the Internet. If possible, use credit card rather than debit card since the former offers more security than the latter.


Small restaurants tend to keep information gathered from customer’s debit cards. While this is typical, there is a big problem associated with it that you have to be wary about. Restaurant rarely get to safe keep this information so there is high chance of you becoming a potential victim of fraud because of identity theft. This is something you don’t want to put yourself into. So better use cash when eating out at a restaurant.

Keeping abreast with your finances and your financial information should be your priority. Being a victim of identity theft is a situation any person does not want to experience. But sometimes, accidents and unfortunate events happen. They come to us because we cannot control certain situation in our lives. Whenever you find yourself in this type of situation and you will need urgent cash, don’t worry too much as there are always Brantford auto title loans which you can run to. They are fast cash solutions available to anyone, regardless of credit rating, who needs instant cash.