Bad Credit Car Loans Pitt Meadows British Columbia and the Reliable Cars


Bad Credit Car Loans Pitt Meadows British Columbia and the Reliable Cars that Make Great Collateral for Vehicle Title Loans

Oct 21, 2015

These Older car models have proven to be the most reliable and favorable when applying for collateral vehicle title loans.

Collateral vehicle title loans are secure loans that use a borrower’s fully owned car and car title as collateral. The lender then places a lien on the car title to secure the loan and removes it when the loan is repaid back in full. The borrower can even continue using the car while repaying the loan.

Lowest interest rates

Interest rates for collateral car title loans are the lowest in the whole lending industry because up to 70 percent lower interest rate can be offered against any closest competitor. Loan repayment terms are the most flexible starting at 2 years and up to 5 years.

Reliable cars as collateral

These car models have proven to be reliable, roadworthy, and naturally fall inside the car models that should not be more than 8 to 10 years old when the borrower applies for the loan. These models have also become “favorites” for many lenders


This vehicle certainly commands a large true market value for borrowers while offering a comparable level of reliability.

Buick Park Avenue

In many vehicle studies, the car kept for the longest time is not Lexus or Mercedes-Benz. It’s this Buick model. The Park Avenue benefits from an outstanding GM 3.8-liter V-6 built to withstand for decades.

Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette benefits from long model runs and a robust V8 engine that can comfortably cruise at extremely low rpm’s.

Chevrolet Prizm

Another great Chevy model, the Prizm is mechanically identical to the Toyota Corolla, currently the bestselling car in the world.

Infiniti M35

While offering less than the Lexus GS, Audi A6, and the Mercedes E-Class, its long-term reliability matches or eclipses all of these models.

Jeep Cherokee

The Cherokee remained popular throughout its entire model run. The 4-liter high output 190-hp straight-six engine has proven to be exceptionally durable.

Saturn L200

The L-Series four cylinder automatic models are proving to be more reliable than their Honda Accord peers, and offer a great true market value price for borrowers of no credit check title loans who have nothing to worry about even if they have bad credit or no credit.

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