Bad Credit Car Loans Beiseker Alberta is Also a Pink Slip Loan or Collateral Car Title Loan


Bad Credit Car Loans Beiseker Alberta is Also a Pink Slip Loan or Collateral Car Title Loan

Oct 14, 2015

It is easy to get a loan using your vehicle’s pink slip to apply for a collateral vehicle title loan.

The pink slip is known as the Certificate of Vehicle Ownership. This is also what is called the car or vehicle title. This can serve as collateral when applying for collateral vehicle title loans. Sometimes thus called a pink slip loan, this allows the owner to keep using and driving the car even while repaying the loan.

A collateral vehicle title loan or pink slip loan is a preferred practical option because:

  • The borrower has the benefit of keeping the car while repaying the loan.
  • The loan process is fast and easy and is approved in just one hour.
  • It does not require any credit checks regardless of the borrower’s credit condition.
  • The lender just needs to inspect and appraise the car and car title for its true market value.
  • The money is made available immediately once the loan is approved. No more long waiting periods for loan approval or loan amount release.

Loan amount is determined by true market value

Typical collateral car title loans are based on the true market value of the car. Other factors include:

  • Overall vehicle condition.
  • Total mileage of the car.
  • Make and model year of the car.
  • All brands accepted.

Lowest interest rates

When it comes to loan interest, no credit check title loans offer very low interest rates and are considered the lowest in the lending industry. Up to 70% lower interest rate can be offered against the closest competitors out there. For easy payment, loan payment terms are offered starting at 2 years and can be adjusted up to 5 years.

A pink slip loan or collateral car title loan is a good way to get much needed emergency cash without much sacrificing. Easy loan application processing makes the process fast and with less complication.

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