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Auto Equity Loan Whitby Ontario

Dec 02, 2014

Whitby Auto Equity Loan

Ever wondered how an auto equity loan actually works? For someone who has never taken out an auto equity loan or used their vehicle as collateral for a loan, there may often be some uncertainties or misconceptions about how such loans actually work. Though different places have their own set of laws regarding auto equity loans, the premise is usually similar.

Whitby auto equity loans use the value of a vehicle as security for the loan. Here at Instant Loans Canada, the loan starts at $1,000 and up to $25,000. Based on the value of your vehicle, you can get the cash you need on the same day you apply – most often within 1 hour. Which is why many Whitby residents choose it as a perfection option when they need cash fast. The best part of an auto title loan is that you get cash and keep your car!

How it Works

Auto equity loans can go by many names – auto title loan or car title loan. It’s a type of collateral loan that lets you borrow money using your car title. There is also no credit check required for an auto equity loan, because the loan would be based on the value of your vehicle, not your credit history. Once you fully repaid your loan, the title to your vehicle will be returned to you.

Received Cash Today

If you are experiencing cash problems and you own a vehicle, why not use our auto equity loans to your advantage? It would be hard to imagine a cash emergency that an auto equity loan couldn’t handle and starting the process right now would be as easy as taking a couple of minutes to fill out an online title loan application.

Call us toll-free at 1-866-973-5214 or fill out our online application. Our friendly and experienced loan representatives will guide you through the process. Apply now!